Graycee - Peace Posters Series

Graycee, Prismacolor & Sharpie Marker, April 19, 2017

I designed a series of peace poster coloring pages for a prayer retreat activity back in September 2016 for a group of senior leaders who were exploring ways to develop in their next stage of their work/journey.  

I've been meaning to color these pages in myself to sell as prints.  I took some time to pray and reflect over a friend who I thought might need some peace sent her way.  As I colored I was just uplifting her possible needs and just blessing her upcoming season.  

The little doodle in the center represents "identity".  Almost 90% of the time people only see the surface of who we are as a person.  A lot of other things are hidden beneath the surface:  our deepest pains, our experiential memory, our burdens, stresses, greatest joys, secrets, darkest evils, our greatest accomplishments, our worries, our greatest hopes and desires, dreams, wishes, etc.... 

Often times I wish that just one person would fully get it. 

It's a struggle to find peace often times, but the main thing is that there is hope and grace out there.  I believe that there is a greater peace that surpasses all understanding that helps support our YOKE of life and identity.  Peace is a small part of that hope for a greater love and steadfastness. 

The circle represents the all encompassing Peace, which fully surrounds us with infinite unending knowledge of our identity.  The floral vine around represents the growth that comes from the development of our identity and character as Peace helps us navigate the journey of life and identity.

***Upcycled coloring page digitized for added type and doodle
*** Medium:  Prismacolor Markers and Sharpie Markers


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