Shayna - Peace Poster Series

Shayna, Crayola & Sharpie Markers, June 2017

In our times there are many storms that are in full force.  It is almost every week the news reports on another bombing, another terrorist attack, another country going bankrupt, another protest, another suicide bombing.  In this decade we have seen civil unrest among several nations in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, Central America, South America, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and now in the U.S.  We see a great divide among humanity and their racial groups. 

As I was conversing with a ministry peer regarding the times, our people as a Southeast Asian American Community, and the search for mutual respect, both of us realized that most of our communities are in the blissful naive left or the blissful naive right.  We choose to hear what we want to hear and we choose to see what we want to see. It is harder for us to choose to seek peace and mutual edification.  

This conversation more reminded me of my friend Shannon.  When we came back from distant learning in our designated lands, Shannon went boldly to a hot city in the U.S, Chicago. She is an example of being vocal about what she believes in and finding mutual edification through living out her core values among a difficult political and social climate.

This color scheme began as a way to describe love.  I was kind of inspired by cheesy valentine card colors, and the color scheme I used to render a bio medical rendering of a calcified tricuspid valve (red and blue blood cells with tissues and fatty plaque).  It turns out that these colors also describe the colors of government and political parties that lead our land and country. 

It is more distinctly red and blue like the GOP and Democratic party at the edge of the poster.  But as you move in towards the center you see that the heart of peace comes from the heart within.  It is about the centrality of the heart of humanity that will ignite beauty, civility, healing, and mutual respect.  In the end, we are all human made of blood cells, flesh, and tissues. 


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