Shayna - Peace Poster Series

In our times there are many storms that are in full force.  It is almost every week the news reports on another bombing, another terrorist attack, another country going bankrupt, another protest, another suicide bombing.  In this decade we have seen civil unrest among several nations in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, Central America, South America, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and now in the U.S.  We see a great divide among humanity and their racial groups. 
As I was conversing with a ministry peer regarding the times, our people as a Southeast Asian American Community, and the search for mutual respect, both of us realized that most of our communities are in the blissful naive left or the blissful naive right.  We choose to hear what we want to hear and we choose to see what we want to see. It is harder for us to choose to seek peace and mutual edification.  
This conversation more reminded me of my friend Shannon.  When we came back from distant learning in o…

Alicia-Peace Poster Series

Peace is always with us.  Sometimes we choose to withhold from seeing the peace that surrounds us.  I personally believe that there is greater Peace that surrounds our chaotic world.  And its such a great gift to us that greater Peace desires to give us infinite peace.

This color study is inspired by nature and light. I can only imagine that the Garden of Eden was so filled with Light and all assortments of green.  In that garden was an original intention by its Creator. That first dwelling place for man and woman was to be surrounded by peace, by nature, and by light.

This piece is for my friend Alessa who has the biggest heart and sheds life and love to all that she encounters even though her entire being is screaming and at times burning with pain from her health conditions.  She still remains in praise to the one who created her.  She still remains faithful, and she still remains intentionally kind despite her suffering.  She is an example of one who leaves her peace with you an…

Providence Mission Home Mural Project - Technique, Textures, and Time

I've had an open ended conversation about a mural since November 2016. 

In December the family that I was coordinating with had a little tike come along to join the process (a baby was born mid pre-production).

The discussion began again in March 2017. Plans, a collab, and a #sketchwere put into #roughdrafrs on the #drawingtable the last 2 weeks of April.

Painting went throughout all of May. We were able to coordinate one community workday to block-in shapes and colors. For the detailing and rendering n-between part-time work, holidays, and personal time, needing to go out, and coordinating/planning for a conference this June...

The circle of life for this mural has finally completed!

Here are the highlights, textures, techniques, and #colorscheme of this #muralwall for Providence Mission Home. • I'd say this is my best and a good place to start after being away from being a freelance #muralistfor three years. It was such a challenge to tackle a 38'x8.5' wall after bein…

Mandie-Peace Poster Series

I think I will never forget this color study.  It began as intentional visual therapy without wearing my contact lenses following Graycee-Peace Poster Series from the previous blog post. I would have never thought that I would have to face my first vision emergency during this exercise. I always thought, "It'll come later in life."  My version of later was like 50, 60.  
On Wednesday 4/19//2017, I noticed a strange bubble stain in my vision while i was getting merchandise to fix a feature on the house ware floor at work. It covered 40% of the vision from my left eye.  I thought, "Oh, I guess I got some mascara on my contact lens this morning."  I figured after my shift I would go home and clean my contacts.  
I came up to my studio to color for a little bit. As I looked at the white and black lines on this color study I saw the stain again.  "Oh, yes, gotta go clean my contacts and let my eyes breathe.  Plus, this will be good vision therapy for me."…

Graycee - Peace Posters Series

I designed a series of peace poster coloring pages for a prayer retreat activity back in September 2016 for a group of senior leaders who were exploring ways to develop in their next stage of their work/journey.  
I've been meaning to color these pages in myself to sell as prints.  I took some time to pray and reflect over a friend who I thought might need some peace sent her way.  As I colored I was just uplifting her possible needs and just blessing her upcoming season.  
The little doodle in the center represents "identity".  Almost 90% of the time people only see the surface of who we are as a person.  A lot of other things are hidden beneath the surface:  our deepest pains, our experiential memory, our burdens, stresses, greatest joys, secrets, darkest evils, our greatest accomplishments, our worries, our greatest hopes and desires, dreams, wishes, etc.... 
Often times I wish that just one person would fully get it. 
It's a struggle to find peace often times, bu…

Colorful Woven Fish

I've been making woven paper fish to prepare for an activity I will be hosting next week. We're going to be making fishing line bookmarks.  The bookmarks will be a reminder about our communities and this quote:

"Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.   Teach a man to fish, feed him for life."
Part of this project is also cultural.  In Pacific Asian countries it is very common to find weaving and crafts with palm or coconut fronds.  Here are the two tutorial videos that I used as my references.

Woven Paper Fish Tutorial from azulchromis Woven Palm Frond Fish
I didn't have a paper trimmer so i used an Exact-o knife and scissors to cut the strips from DCWV Border Stack Textured Yardstick Brights  This was really good training for cutting straight lines, but after all the paper i cut, for efficiency I will be investing in to a scrapbook paper trimmer from Fiskar.

For the large fish I used 12 in. x 3/8 in. strips. For the small fish, I cut the existing strips into quar…

Screening a Tea Cup

I think its important to be a participant of local community projects.  Here knowledge is shared and passed on from one generation to another, all the while as working on building and learning together. Within community one you can find cmommrodieray, exchanged compassion stories, and local resources that are not necessarily found without face to face interaction.

One of those is learning skills that are harder to find in the STEM education system, and knowledge-based professionalism.  One of the things that I have appreciated about community development is the aspects of collaboration and cooperation.  I feel that these mentioned skills are harder to enrich in knowledge-based professionalism because most companies are looking for individuals that have strong skills in independence, fast paced, high demanding production, and self-motivated management with lack of better training and orientations from management.  
Part of coming back to America and working in the environment listed a…